Rioja Wine

Rioja Wine: A Spanish Excellence

Have you enjoyed a great Rioja wine? The Rioja wine includes different varieties of wines produced in the Rioja region, in the North Central Spain. This region, awarded with the “Qualified Designation of Origin”, consists of three different areas: Rioja, Navarre and the Basque province of Álava. The Rioja region is split into three sections: […]

Tuscan Wine

Tuscan Wine

Tuscan wine is definitely among the best wines in Italy. If you have already tried Tuscan wine, you know what we mean. Tuscany is one of the most popular wine destinations and produces more than 70 DOCG wines (Controlled designation of origin guaranteed). Even though the Chianti is probably the most common and popular, Tuscany […]

Chilean Wine

The Best Chilean Wines

Have you ever tasted the Chilean Wine? With its fruity and herbaceous notes, the Chilean Wine is one of the most appreciated by wine lovers. Nowadays Chile is the fifth biggest exporter and the seventh producer of wine in the world. Even though it has reached this level over the past 30 years, grapevines were planted […]


Piemonte: A Wine Region

Have you ever visited Piemonte? Piemonte is a famous Italian wine region where some of the best wines are produced. Situated in the North West of Italy, it is a big and wealthy region. Torino is its county seat, famous for its role after the unification of Italy as it was the first Italian capital. […]

italian wines

Discover Italian Wines

Wine, especially in Italy, is the poetry of the Earth. (Mario Soldati) There are no better words to express the importance of wine in the Italian culture. A combination of geographical, geological and climatic factors makes the land between the Adige and the island of Pantelleria the perfect place for the production of high quality wine. […]

Discover Spanish Wines

For decades, only a couple of wines produced in Spain had an international presence. Over the last years though, Spain has undergone a massive wine revolution and is now producing an important number of excellent red and white, being second only to Italy and France. Let’s learn more about Spanish wines. The bottle. It is […]