What’s the best certification to teach Italian?

This is the most frequent question asked by all those who want to teach Italian and find out how to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise.

There is not a right answer. It depends on you. It depends on which kind of teacher you want to be and on what do you expect a teacher is. Please take the time to think about the languages teachers you have had in your life. They were just native speakers with no experience or they had a certification allowing them to teach?

When choosing a teacher you request that he has a good experience and a training background, so why do not offer the same quality to your students?

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The DITALS Certification is a cultural title awarded by the Università per Stranieri di Siena that assesses the theoretical and practical qualification in the field of teaching Italian as a Second or a Foreign language. Its legal validity, both in Italy and abroad, depends on the laws of every single country, but is recognised all over the world as one of the most important and required titles in teaching Italian.

The DITALS Second Level Certification certifies an advanced competence in teaching Italian to foreigners and is aimed at teachers working in any context of learning.

We live in a world that requires more and more certifications because you have to demonstrate your abilities and your competences, but it’s not just a matter of demonstrating your skills to the others: certifications like the DITALS could improve the self-confidence in your job and in the searching of a teaching post giving you the right training.

teach italian

As a teacher you have to offer the best quality you can, that’s why you should have many teaching certifications because you want to be the best in your field. As an Italian teacher it’s even harder because there are so many Italians that want to teach that you must be the best to scoop the competition.

To be a good teacher you must be the most competent you can in your field, you need to already have experience as a language learner to easily understand student’s problems and you have to like travel because you will have to.