Italian is not one of the most spoken language in the world.

Nevertheless it is one of the most popular and famous.

A lot of people in several countries decide to approach the Italian culture and…guess what?

Once they do it they just fall in love with it.

Talking about far countries, even though the Chinese language and culture are probably the most different from the Italian ones, you will be shocked by how strong is the mutual interest between their people.

Over the past years the number of Chinese people that study Italian has increased, but what is really surprising is the context where that happened.

In fact Italian has become one of the languages studied at universities and in the academic field, with the consequent opening of new specific linguistic departments.

Chinese people do not study Italian because of its importance in the field of music, fashion or cuisine anymore.

They do not attend short term courses term anymore.

Instead, they choose Italian as their 3rd or even 2nd language at university, with the aim of building firm relationships between China and Italy.

Italy is not just “il Bel Paese” any longer, is not a land of stereotypes, but a real and concrete country worth of investments.

Of course, you will not find the same passion and motivation in every student, especially because of the particular Chinese education system, according to which the score of the gaokao (the final exam at the secondary school) will automatically tell the students which university and which field of studies they will attend (among their preferences). Nevertheless the efforts that Chinese students and institutions make to give their best as partner is just amazing.

The interest towards the Italian language and culture is constantly encouraged through active lessons, cinema discussions, lectures, face to face meetings with native speakers.

Being a teacher in Chinese universities is the only condition to really understand the enthusiasm and the attention for learning Italian.

But what’s the other side of the coin?

Well, in this contest tandem meetings (language exchange) become really difficult, since Italian people usually feel shy to use Chinese, whilst Chinese people always try to speak Italian.

That’s not because they feel confident, but because they know they have to practise in order to improve their skills and they are not worried about making mistakes.

In conclusion, teaching in China can be a really great adventure.

Of course, you will be in touch with a different world where you will deal with many difficulties, but where you will also have the opportunity to discover the amazing wonders of Chinese society and culture.

Also, you will probably discover something about yourself, thanks to the enthusiasm of China for Italy.