Where is a good place for teaching Italian in Central Europe? Are you browsing the map to decide where to go next?

Well, the good news is that there is plenty of opportunities out there! Depending on your preferences and on the type of job experience you are looking for, you can select the best options and try to apply for different teaching positions in Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium.

In all these countries, the learner’s profiles you will come across would be quite similar: adults and elders with Italian forefathers, adults and young adults with an Italian partner, children coming from an Italian or mixed family. You will also find many people interested in the Italian culture or travellers who want to be able to speak fluently.

Where shall you start from?

First of all, in all the mentioned countries you can find Italian Cultural Institutes that plan Italian language courses  and directly recruit their teachers, so you can normally apply on their website or send your CV via email.

We will now have a look at the specific countries to understand more about the work opportunities.


As for other European countries, in Germany you could go for Teacher Assistant roles in schools and universities as well as Italian Lecturer positions through the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry or through German universities’websites.

In the main cities you can apply for teacher positions in language schools like inlingua in Frankfurt am Main, Sprachenatelier and SI Berlin in Berlin.

If you would like to teach in bilingual Italian-German schools, there are loads of possibilities as well!


Ready for an unconventional choice? Luxemburg offers some good chances: the Dante Alighieri is an important centre to teach Italian to adults, whilst if you are specialised in children you can send your CV to Italobimbi.


If you are willing to move to France, the opportunities might be very interesting!

Similarly to what just said for Germany, it is possible to apply for Teacher Assistant or Italian Lecturer roles to work for schools and universities.

In addition to that many language schools offer Italian courses, for example Angelio and Progressio in Paris, Destination Langues in Marseille and International House in Nice, so you can apply to join the team as a teacher.

Also, there are several branches of the Dante Alighieri Society, for example in Aix en Provence, Châteaux de la Loire, Chambéry and many more.


If you are consider to apply for an Italian Teacher Assistant position in a school, you need to check with Wallonie-Bruxelles International, which is the institution in charge for the language assistants exchange between countries.

If you want to teach children, in Bruxelles you can find the Scuola Italiana, a primary bilingual school (Italian-French).

Moreover, there are language schools like Atelier Italiano in Bruxelles or the adult education centers called CVO spread all around the country, which organise Italian evening courses or the COMTES, an association of Italians abroad that offers Italian language courses.

As you can see, teaching Italian in Central Europe offers an exciting perspective for your career!

Which country are you oriented to?

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