Do you want to start teaching Italian in London?

If teaching Italian in London is what you are aiming to do, there are some useful things to know! Getting some information about this job in London might be essential to be able to start your career and do the right choices.

First of all, if you already live in the UK you can start your job search straight away whilst, if you don’t, you need to consider Brexit: the new immigration regulation has been put in place from the 1st January 2021, so please check this website for more information.

Where could you teach Italian?

Apart from primary and secondary schools, that require a specific specialisation (PGCE), in London there are some language schools that offer Italian classes for children, teenagers and adults, as well as adult education centres and universities.

Requirements for teachers are different depending on where you apply, however it’s often required to hold a specific certification to teach Italian as a foreign language, such as DITALS, CEDILS, DILS-PG or a Master Degree in the same field.

How to start Teaching Italian in London

Why people learn Italian in London?

You can find many types of students with different motivations: personal interest, family or friends, partner, work are the most common reasons why students start their language journey. You should expect to work with people who have a variety of goals, which makes your job even more interesting!

Willing to learn the Italian teacher job? Apart from getting a certification in order to better understand some theoretical aspect of language teaching, it’s essential to learn how to manage a group, choose the right material and plan lessons. Have a look at our Italian Teacher Training Programme: a practical course with the purpose of acquiring the essential skills to start teaching Italian as a foreign language. Follow this link for further information!

Good luck!

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