Have you got any plans for this summer? What do you think about making an alternative tour and visit Calabria?

If you want to visit Calabria, here you have 10 amazing places to choose. Let’s start the tour!

1) Morano. If you want to lose your way in the labyrinth of its alleys to reach the Castle and admire the Dolcedorme and Serra del Prete, Morano is the place for you.

2) Tropea. A visit to Tropea is a must if you go to Calabria. A city that offers you a beautiful sea, the extraordinary red onion famous all over the world, and a rich calendar of cultural events: a literary festival, another one dedicated to the cinema and the famous Red Pepper Festival, accompanied with blues music.

3) Capo Vaticano. With its 7 km of continuous coast, Capo Vaticano offers the most beautiful panorama of the Mediterranean. Its intense blue water, coloured by the legendary “Donna Canfora’s veil”, is the most limpid of all the Calabrian coast. A sunset in Capo Vaticano is like a mystic experience.

4) Gerace. Fulfilling your eyes with the stones and the millenary musk of Gerace is an experience to live if you visit Calabria. Gerace, a rich and powerful city at the Norman time, is one of the most beautiful Italian villages.

5) Roccella Jonica. Two marble columns frame the Castle of Roccella Jonica, exposed to the white sand and pebbles beach. The Roccella jazz Festival “Rumori Mediterranei” is an unmissable event.

6) Rossano. Eating Rossano’s licorice at the Amarelli Licorice Museum is the first thing to do when you come to this area. Strongly recommended!

Ten places to visit in Calabria

7) Altomonte. It is the first village in Calabria to obtain the title of “slow city”. Within the project “Contrade Ospitali”, Altomonte offers interesting itineraries through its territory. This village is also the place of the “Festival Euro Mediterraneo”, which is temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

8) Soverato. In the middle of the Squillace’s golfo, Soverato is considered “the Ionian pearl”, with its white sand and its profound blue sea. Surely, for its beauty, its night life, cultural activities and touristic facilities is one of the most welcoming and active Calabrian cities.

9) Mammola. The Santa Barbara park-museum is a magnificent project always ‘in progress’, where Andalusian, Byzantine and psychedelic styles are combined in an harmonic structure.

10) Belvedere. The last stop in this Calabrian tour is Belvedere, a village divided in two suggestive parts: the medieval side with the Norman Tower, and the marine side, with its gorgeous sea.

We hope that this fast virtual tour has been interesting for you.

Start planning your holiday in Calabria!

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