Have you ever come across the idiom “tener la negra”?

“Tener la negra” is a nice Spanish idiomatic expression you might find useful!

It’s an expression that you can easily find in everyday conversation.

The reason why we take idioms in big consideration is that students hear them from native speakers quite often.

Obviously it’s not always easy to catch them and guess their real meaning.

So working on idiomatic expressions is really important to understand the conversation and start using these amazing ways to say.

Guessing the meaning is not easy this time!

Negra” is what Spaniards also call “mala suerte“, which means “bad luck“.

Therefore this idiom means “to have bad luck”.

So you can use this expression every time things turn out bad or you feel unlucky.

Have a look at some nice examples!

Spanish English
Tiene la negra, va de desgracia en desgracia He has bad luck, he goes from misfortune to misfortune.
¡Jo, tengo la negra! Han vuelto a perder mi maleta en el avión. I have bad luck! They lost my suitcase in the plane again.
Tenemos la negra en cuanto a infraestructuras, y parece que, de momento, la cosa no vaya a cambiar. When it comes to infrastructures we have bad luck and it seems that, for the time being things are not going to change.


How many times you tried to say that without finding the right way?

Now you know the perfect idiom!

Try to make some examples!

And if you love Spanish idiom, check out our dedicated board on Pinterest!

You can also find more explanations and examples in our online resources page.

Have fun!



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