Have you heard someone using the idiom “Tener memoria de pez” in Spanish?

If you are keen on learning funny Spanish idioms, Tener memoria de pez is definitely a great one!

Idioms are an amazing way to express something in a meaningful way.

During our courses we always introduce some important idiomatic expressions as we are aware that students come across them very often.

Being able to understand idioms is an important step: Spaniards normally use them when they speak and if we don’t know their meaning it would be difficult to catch what they say.

Obviously idioms are a complex part of the language and it takes time to get used to them and start using these expressions in our daily life.

So what does this nice idiom mean?

Literally, it means “to have the memory of a fish”, which is as to say “to have a bad memory”.

Therefore we can use it every time that someone can’t remember things and keeps forgetting everything!

In English we could use “to have a memory like a sieve”.

Have a look at some examples!

Spanish English
Hace dos minutos que he salido de clase y no recuerdo nada. Tengo memoria de pez! I left the class two minutes ago and I don’t remember anything. I have a memory like a sieve!
¿No me has traído el libro? ¡Pero si te lo recordé hace media hora! Tienes memoria de pez. Didn’t you bring the book? I reminded you to do so half an hour ago! You have a memory like a sieve.
¡Tienes memoria de pez y no te acuerdas de nada! You have a memory like a sieve and don’t remember anything!

It’s easy to use, isn’t it?

So now you can make other examples to practise!

And if you want to learn more Spanish idioms, have a look at our online resources or at our Pinterest board.