Tener un humor de perros” is a nice Spanish idiomatic expression which can be literally translated with “to have the mood of dogs” and means “to be in a bad mood“.

So when you are having a bad day and you are not very keen to talk, now you know how to discourage people in Spanish!

Here you have some examples:

Spanish English
A Juan no le concedieron el aumento de sueldo y lleva todo el día con un humor de perros Juan didn’t get the salary increase and he spent all day in a bad mood
Ellos tienen un humor de perros porque no aprobaron los exámenes en la universidad They are in a bad mood because they didn’t pass their exams at the university
Si no podía hacer lo que le daba la gana, tenía un humor de perros If he couldn’t get what he wanted, he was in a bad mood.


Do you know any other similar expression in Spanish?