Do you know Terra Rossa Italian restaurant?

Terra Rossa is an Italian restaurant in London that offers a fantastic Italian food experience: a regional cuisine to discover the amazing flavours from Puglia, in Southern Italy.

As you might already know, each region has a strong personality when it comes to food: you can find variations of popular dishes or local specialties that you won’t find anywhere else. Puglia is the place to be for foodies: at Terra Rossa you can discover its food tradition and enjoy it all!

A cosy restaurant in the heart of Islington!

Terra Rossa is a lovely family run business where you can feel fantastic Italian vibes. As you enter the restaurant, you are in Puglia!

The owner comes from Salento, a beautiful area of Puglia, and lived the authentic rural traditions of his homeland, where food was everything: a lot of time was spent preparing amazing food, all homemade. In his restaurant you can try delicious traditional dishes, home made pasta and pizza and feel the Italian love and respect for every product.

And whatever you eat, don’t forget to try one of their great wines, you will love them!

discover Terra Rossa Italian restaurant in London

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