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“I have studied Italian at Happy Languages for around a year now. It is absolutely enjoyable and all the teachers I met are very professional. Really recommend it “

(Yuen Ying Au Yeung)

“I attended the Italian evening classes (upper intermediate level) at Happy Languages to practice and improve. The groups are small enough for everyone to speak and ask questions. Classes are fun and enjoyable. Teachers are also really nice and patient with students. I feel more and more confident speaking and writing Italian at the end of each course. Thank you to the Happy Languages team!”

(Mariene Thiriot)

“I had my beginner Italian course at Happy Languages and it was a really great experience! Very nice usage of combined teaching techniques that helped me to grasp the language quickly and enjoyably. No stress, only lots of fun! In addition, the school keeps you updated on Italian meet-ups and events encouraging you to dive in the culture, taste traditional dishes and practice your language skills with native speakers. An additional thumbs up to our teacher Paolo for running the course!”

(Alena Mikhalkina)

“I’ve been a member of Happy Languages since June 2013 and I have to say they’re absolutely fantastic! Offering a variety of learning techniques tailored to student needs; they also have a superb team in place allowing students to feel comfortable and at ease. Everything from the initial start-up to arranging lessons has been first class and I could not recommend the company highly enough. If you want to learn Spanish or Italian then Happy Languages are the way forward!”

(Jason Winter)

I am currently doing my Spanish class, and I thought 3hours every Sunday will be quite long and overwhelming but the teacher Maria and Vanessa makes it sooo interesting and interactive that every class,I don’t even realised its nearly over and makes me wants more and carry on, never had this attention to a class before. Brilliant!!!

(Sakina Ibrahim)

“As a busy young professional Happy Languages’ private lessons have been an ideal way for me to learn Italian. I have lessons at my workplace in the evenings which is very convenient, scheduling has also been flexible when I’ve had other plans or been out of the country. My teacher Cecilia is very friendly, making me feel at ease and boosting my confidence from the first lesson. Over the course of the year the lessons have been varied, using different materials to keep things interesting and revisting topics to revise when necessary. I’ve been getting an increasing number of compliments from my partner’s family and friends when visiting them in Italy so it looks like my lessons are working!”

(Matthew Penn)

Really friendly language school. Conveniently located in the centre of London 2 minutes from the next tube station. Paolo is very helpful and responsive via email. I took a beginners Spanish course which was a good mixture of interactive everyday use and grammar. Our teacher Vanesa was very qualified and energetic. Gracias por todas las cosas que he aprendido en vuestra escuela!

(Rene Lacher)

I have just finished the beginners course in Spanish. It was a fantastic course with a great teacher, Vanesa. I really feel like I have learnt a lot. Gracias Happy Languages.

(Abbie Davis)

“I had four weeks Spanish Intensive course with Happy Languages; the lessons were really interesting and always interactive, my teacher always tried to motivate me using new technology such as laptop, iPad  and IPod for video and audio material. Now I feel like I can progress in my career thanks to my Spanish knowledge. Gisela has always been patient with me and her professionalism made my experience unforgettable.”

(Giuseppe De Paola)

“After my intensive Italian course I am now ready to travel to Sicily! I feel much more confident in speaking and writing in Italian. This is thanks to my Italian teacher who always made me comfortable  during each activity. I felt part of a community where everyone helped me with my difficulties.”

(Ning Tseng)

“I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Happy Languages. The amount of preparation that Paolo, my tutor, put into my three-week intensive Italian course, to tailor it exactly to my needs, was seriously impressive. From being a complete beginner on day one, my listening, writing and speaking skills developed quickly thanks to the quality of the teaching – and the best thing is that it was all done in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Happy Languages to anyone.”

(Jonathan Metcalf)

I have attended two courses of Spanish, and I have been really satisfied. The teacher is available to help individually, I found some new friends during the courses and everyone at the school is very kind and available to give you every type of information that you could need. Thanks!

(Marco Dal Monte)

I have just started my beginners Italian course and am really enjoying it. I was super nervous to start with, but there really was no reason to be! Our teacher Paolo creates a great atmosphere every single time, and learning the language becomes so much fun. I am definitely coming back for the next level! Grazie mille!!

(Claudia Ferraro)

I attended a beginners course in Italian and highly recommend it for the engaging and interactive teaching style. Starting the elementary course tomorrow and looking forward to it.

(Lily Tran)

Easy access to it and a fun way to learn 🙂 I highly recommend it.

(Eirini Platsa)

I am taking Italian class at Happy Language.
1. Its so close to holborn station. Easy to find.
2. We are learning with fun! And also easy to learn. We are doing it by reviewing. Its not boring at all.
3. Good facility, technology board haha I like this as well
4. Organized curriculum
I really am satisfied with the course.

(Serena Sohyun Huh)

I attended the lessons between September and December 2014. Paolo and the team is fun, very disciplined and hardworking people. I suggest Happy languages for learning many languages but my experience was in practical Italian 🙂

(Emre Tok)

I did my italian beginners course with Happy Languages and I found it was very good. I did know some italian before but this course made me clear some doubts and improve. The courses were very interactive that made everyone be interested and pay attention. As well, my teacher Cecilia, is very passionate and help us a lot and made the class fun and was good in explaining rules, grammar and the ‘why’. Also, always speaking in italian, I consider that is one important factor for the student to learn more. I am very satisfied with the course. Thank you HL for this experience!

(Fiorella Casarino Francolino)

I’ve been studying Italian with Happy Languages for two terms now and I love it. I was a total beginner at first but now my teacher Michele (he’s awesome!) gives us most of our instructions in Italian and we understand! It’s really fun to learn with other people and even though it’s MOLTO DIFFICILE our lessons are always fun and full of laughs Emoticon smile GRAZIE MILLE HAPPY LANGUAGES!

(Hannah Dawson)

Last year I won a prize thanks to Happy Languages: a free Italian course. It was an excellent beginner course. I attended the course for 4 weeks and I enjoyed it a lot. I would like to thank my amazing teacher Cecilia and my classmates I became friend with.

(George Law)

Hello Happy Languages, your help and support is really important for me. I really liked the whole lesson. Teachers are great, thank you!

(Alex El Baaj)

I am so happy to study Italian at Happy Language, teachers are really helpful and patient in the class. Moreover, the class itself is very interesting, sometime the time passes so fast I never notice it. In 5 weeks, I learnt  so many useful words which I can use in the daily life. I really recommend people who like to know more about the Italian culture and this beautiful language to join the course!!!

(Vera Huang)

I took the Italian beginner lessons and I would recommend anybody to start learning the language at Happy Languages; Noemi was a brilliant teacher and her lessons were very enjoyable. Thank you Noemi and Happy Languages!

(Denise Donnellan)

I am on my third set of Happy Languages Spanish Lessons and it has been wonderful. My teacher is great and the sessions cater for lots of different learning styles. As the classes are on a Monday every week they work well in terms of fitting into a busy lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend enough!

(Laura Jones)

Ola chicos , I throughly enjoyed the Spanish intensive course at Holborn.
Maria was very through and patient not all of us are gifted with the ear for Grammatical
I tried very hard and Maria was there to support and guide us all through the complexities.
I would enjoy the opportunity to do another course to expand my basic Spanish knowledge.
Many thanks to the whole team.
They were all helpful and kind through out.

(Joanna James)

I did a beginners Spanish evenings course with Happy Languages and it has been a wonderfule experience to be able to meet people and work in a focused atmopshere and actually get me involved and speaking in Spanish even on the first day of class! I would recommend this as a great option for busy people who want to make the time to learn! Also, Maria is an excellent teacher and a lovely person!

(Kristen Gartside)

I did a beginning course in Italian, classes are fun and very didactic . Paolo is a great teacher!

(Veronica Zanabria)

Fantastic course! Met a lovely group of people and our tutor Maria was fantastic. Came away feeling a lot more confident in my Spanish. Looking forward to the next class.

(Sam Philips)

Paolo is one of most engaging and motivating teachers, it’s been fun and I learned a lot, both 1:1 and in class. working for an Italian company, it’s been very useful for me to be able to follow and participate coffee conversations…

(Christina Bertram)

I just finished a beginners Spanish course at Happy Languages taught by an excellent teacher ‘Maria’. She got every one involved from the outset and got us speaking from day one.
I would recommend the course to anyone thinking about starting to learn the language.

(Asad Khan)

I have recently studied Beginner level Italian at Happy languages and found the classes amazing. My first class was with Emmanuella who was fantastic and managed a large class very effectively so that all students were getting the help they needed. This gave me a good base to go onto the next class. This time I had Noemi, and a much smaller class meant we all got lots of quality time from our tutor. Noemi was great at seeing where we were confident and what we needed more help with. I thoroughly enjoyed starting my journey of italian classes with Happy Languages, i really like the way they teach in a fun and not too formal format, and I can’t wait to come back next month for more! Would definitely recommend.

(Keryn Derbie)

I attended course of Italian language at elementary level. As I studied Italian couple of years ago I needed a course where I could revive the knowledge I used to have some time ago. The course at Happy Languages was great, the group was very small (only 3-5 people) which enable every student to be engaged in the lessons and helped us all to start speaking. I chose Happy Languages mostly because I wanted to be taught by native speakers. I enrolled with Happy Languages also because I was interested in Italian events they do every so often. I attended only one, but I had lots of fun, met many interesting people, tutors who encouraged me and others to speak in Italian during the event and I have also learnt more about Italian culture. I enjoyed my experience with Happy Languages and will continue with my Italian studies with them in September.

(Michaela Lenartova)

Great introductory course to Italian. Very different way of learning a language. Great teacher who who made the course content fun, easy and digestible. Would highly recommend as a language learning centre.

(Krisma Mistry)

So, I have done three terms learning Italian. I have been made to feel very welcome by Paolo and his excellent team. If, like me, you think you might be a little old to start learning new tricks – fear not, Happy Languages is the place for you. As great as it is learning a new skill, having fun doing it is vital that’s why I choose Happy Languages. Grazie mille! Come along and give it a go…

(Kevin Coles)

I have done three Spanish course at Happy Languages and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one! The location and timings of the classes made it possible for me to continue studying at Happy Languages as it was very convenient and around my working hours!
Venesa was my tutor for all three of the course and I thought she was fantastic! She broke down the course to easy and understandable units, giving each unit a theme such as shopping, dinning, traveling…, this made the course easier to understand and fun to study.
She had a very good teaching manner and worked well with the group and gave loads of individual support during the lessons.

I will definitely continue with my Spanish studies in the near future at Happy Languages!

(Armand Kavaja)

I started beginner Spanish lessons a couple of months ago at Happy Languages and enjoyed it so much, I am now half way through my third batch of lessons! My teacher, Vanessa, is terrific – she’s enthusiastic and uses a variety of teaching techniques to get everyone engaged. She’s really keen to fit in as much as she can during the lesson but it’s always really helpful that we start with a small revision session to recap what we’ve learnt. she uses an interactive whiteboard and worksheets and we often do exercises in pairs and groups and she sets us homework. I would definitely recommend going with Happy Languages and am looking forward to my next lessons!

(Becky Duncan)

I attended a beginners Italian course which was excellent. This was quick paced course which got me speaking Italian right away from the start of class one. The classes were very interactive and it was a totally different style of learning. There was plenty of opportunities to pause, take respite and ask questions to clarify uncertainties as the class sizes were not too big, circa 10 people. As well as just speaking and reading Italian we had the opportunity to create posters and role-play and really get to grips with the language. Would definitely recommend learning a new language at Happy Languages!

(Sanj Mistry)

I am not online learner person and had hard time finding “right” instructor for me after high school. Then I met Vanessa! I am currently taking beginner Spanish and going to register for next level. The material, methods, and teaching style is exactly what I was looking for. She pays attention to individual even though there are 21 people in my current class, never rushes to finish the class unless she is done with materials, and her energy is bonus!
I definitely recommend going with Happy Languages!

(Sherri Lee)

I am having a great time learning Spanish at the Sunday Morning Spanish classes with Happy Languages. The course is very vocal/oral which I like. Vanessa, our tutor, is very friendly and very encouraging. The same goes for my classmates.

(Savvas Ioannou)

It was a great first course, good pace and definitely covered all the basics. Now on to the next one

(Agnes Snukute)

I would recommend Happy Languages to anyone wanting an introduction to a new language.
I attended the beginners Spanish classes with Vanesa. She is an amazing teacher, her enthusiasm was really infectious! The lessons were really well structured and Vanesa was great at getting everyone involved.
I’ve come away feeling like I’m really getting to grips with the language and I’m excited to learn more!

(Victoria Wilford)

I did a beginners Spanish course and found it amazing!
The location is extremely convenient (2 mins from Holborn tube) the course content is excellent and the overall atmosphere is very friendly.
Vanesa, our teacher is brilliant! She’s very enthusiastic, has a very engaging style of teaching which made the sessions pretty interesting and fun.
Looking forward to the next course with Vanesa.

(Pravin Ikhe)

I would happily recommend Happy Languages and Vanesa for the Spanish beginners course.
The course content was well structured and thought through. But more importantly, Vanesa was a wonderful teacher, her enthusiasm ensured everyone’s participation.The class was fun and very interactive.
On the back of this course, I feel driven and ready to move on to the next level.

(Priyanka Upponi)

I highly recommend the beginners Spanish for anyone looking to learn from scratch. It was not only great value but we covered a lot of core material and I feel in a great position to move on to the next level. Encarna was very patient and the vibe in the class was very open and friendly. I’m looking forward to starting the next module in April! Thanks.

(Pippa Russell)

Really enjoyed my Italian classes, can’t wait to do the next one! Thanks

(Anne Smith)

I attended a beginners course in Spanish and highly recommend it! Looking forward to the next level!

(Ana Ignasiak)

I studied Italian beginners at Happy languages and I found the teacher very friendly, I like the location and the fact that they do have classes on Sundays. Highly recommended.

(Giovanna Cardona)

I recently took the beginners Italian course at Happy languages. The tutors were both fantastic (I attended mostly the week day sessions but also did a Sunday morning session when I could not attend one week) and managed the classes very effectively so that all students were getting the help they needed. They were fun as well as effective and I would highly recommend them!

(Leah Byrne)

Talking about Spanish language, I am a real baby no nothing even Spanish alphabets. After taking the 1st Spanish class for beginners with Vanesa, I was so happy and eager. She well designs her teaching style to suit in every student. She lets all students to take parts in a class and giving extra care to each student. I am looking forward to attending a next level. I would highly recommend Happy Language to anyone who looks for learning the 2nd language.

(Pattamon Plipat)

I started the Beginner Italian course at Happy Languages and can only recommend it. The teacher is very motivating and creates each lesson interesting.

(Steffie Gossler)

I highly recommend the Italian course at Happy Languages. Giulia, the teacher, was really nice and the lessons were varied and well planned. A good way to start learning a new language!

(Veronica Bachmeier)

I really enjoyed the beginners Spanish course. The feeling was relaxed in class and the content was well structured. Fantastic classroom location too. Really good value for money on top of all this. Can’t wait to start level 2

(Adam Devenport)

I had a great experience with Happy Languages and their beginner Spanish course. Sabela was a joy to learn from and really engaged with our class. Planning on taking the next course!

(Desi Lance)

I really enjoyed the beginner Spanish class at Happy Languages! The format of the class was really fun and conclusive to learning – about 10-12 students, interactive learning with a smart-board, and fun games to help put the knowledge into action. Sabela was an awesome instructor too! She kept the mood light and switched up the teaching technique each week to keep the class engaged after long days of work. I would definitely recommend Happy Languages for someone liking to learn a new language who enjoys the classroom setting!

(Alec Lance)

I recently did a beginner’s Italian course (5 weeks of 3hours) on Sundays and really enjoyed it.

(Jessica Davies)

Just finished the five week beginners Spanish course with Vanessa Guzman. Excellent introduction to the language, and will definitely continue.

(Paula Smith)

Superb school with great, dedicated teachers. After trying two different schools I finally found the one!

(Ewelina Jakuszko)

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