Milano is definitely the most famous Italian city for its nightlife.

There is a wide choice of bars where it is possible to have a good time with friends.

Above all, if you are in Milano you can’t miss the chance to try the real Italian aperitivo: normally a good drink (a glass of wine or a colorful cocktail) that comes with some lovely food. The typical aperitivo consists of a huge buffet which includes different courses, from the starter to the dessert, and offers many option to meet different tastes, all for around 10 euro.

So what are the best places to try it? Check our top 10!

  • Rita. Many people from Milano say that this is the best place to have an aperitivo. An informal bar where you can have creative cocktails accompanied with some tarts and small appetizers.
  • Spritz. A very small bar in the Navigli area where you can taste the original Spritz with home made pizza.
  • Milano Amore Mio. Shabby-chic style for this bar, where you can taste elaborate vegetarian cuisine with your drink.
  • Bhangrabar. Indian style bar where you can enjoy a rich buffet and have a high quality cocktail.
  • Colibrì. Just behind the Duomo, this bar offers a great aperitivo with live music and cultural events. Every day, if you buy a book you can have a drink for free!
  • Rufus. A new drink list every week and a fine selection of cheese and cured meat. If you order a cocktail between 6 and 7pm you will have another drink for free!
  • SaketecaGO. Do you fancy something different? Try this Japanese style aperitivo in a real Sake Bar. Amazing drinks and food!
  • La Hora Feliz. Classic aperitivo with the possibility to choose the size of your cocktail: normal or XL!
  • Santeria Social Club. Lovely space to drink something and have some small appetizers while listening to jazz music (on Wednesday) or taking part to book launches and festivals.
  • Taglio. A bar and shop where you can have an aperitivo “rinforzato” (reinforced) and, if you enjoy the food, you can also buy something to take away!

So, where do you want to start? Let us know which one you prefer!