Do you know what the Italian sagre are?

If you love Italian food and wines and are keen to try a new tasting experience, the sagre will amaze you: traditional food festivals based on a specific product or recipe to enjoy.

So how do they work?

Originally, the sagre were related to a religious celebration which took place every year, for example to the patron saint’s festival.

The celebration was also a good occasion to promote popular local products through a fair, a market and some tastings.

So normally each festival gives you the chance to eat a specific dish or a product cooked in many different ways.

Nowadays the sagre are still very popular all around Italy and take place throughout the year: a fantastic chance to live a local tradition off the touristy routes and enjoy some really authentic food.

And if you are taking Italian tuitions in London, the sagre would be a prefect chance to practice your Italian.

It’s time to discover some of the best sagre in Italy to enjoy in September!

Sagra del peperoncino – Diamante (CS). Since 1992 Diamante, a beautiful town on the Calabrian coast, hosts this important event to promote one of the most famous local products: its very hot chilly pepper!

During the sagra you can taste hot specialties and all the best regional excellences.

Also you can enjoy live music, exhibitions, conferences and meet some famous Italian celebrities.

Sagra dell’arancino – Ficarazzi (CT). The undisputed king of this popular sagra is the amazing arancino: a delicious deep fried rice ball flavored with saffron and filled with a variety of ingredients.

Local music and traditional folklore will make you feel in the best place of the world!

Sagra del tortellone d’autunno – Bevilacqua (FE). Have you ever tried the original tortellone? There is no better chance to taste it! This sagra is all about it: this typical hand made filled pasta is prepared with different combinations of stuffings and sauces. Amazing!

Sagra del baccalà alla vicentina – Sandrigo (VI). A typical Venetian dish you must discover: salt codfish coated with flour, slowly cooked with onion, olive oil and milk and served with polenta, a delicious cornmeal mush.

Besides, in the food stands you can try many other local specialties based on baccalà.

Now, which one do you prefer?