Have you come across The Hunter season 1?

The Hunter season 1 is now streamed on Channel 4: a great Italian crime thriller set in Palermo in the 1990s, when a team of prosecutors worked incredibly hard to hunt the most dangerous bosses of the loca Mafia.

The TV series, based on the book “Cacciatore di mafiosi“, written by the magistrate Alfonso Sabella, is about the war between State and Mafia at that time: a young prosecutor, Saverio Barone (the popular Italian actor Francesco Montanari) starts working for the Antimafia Commission in Palermo after an experience in another Sicilian city, where he had reported his boss for collusion with the local Mafia.

At the beginning, his life in the new workplace is not easy. His arrogant behaviour often irritates all the experienced prosecutors who have already achieved important results and seen many colleagues killed in the fight. However, step by step the newcomer shows his talent and starts working on important cases and collaborating with the prosecutor Carlo Mazza (acted by the famous Francesco Foti). Passionate, intuitive, extremely dedicated to his job, Barone collaborates with other magistrates to fight against the local gangsters, above all Leoluca Bagarella, boss of Cosa Nostra.  All his efforts aim at capturing him through failures and successes.

watch the amazing The Hunter Season 1 on Channel 4

What to expect from The Hunter?

If you are into crime series and movies, you will absolutely love The Hunter: the reconstruction of historical facts makes the plot incredibly engaging and the cast is made of some of the best Italian actors. The result is a top quality Italian series: Barone’s hunt weaves together with his private story, making it even more intriguing and disclosing part of his past.

Watching The Hunter will be very good for your Italian too! Following a movie in the original language is very challenging even for expert learners, especially because the characters often use a specific dialect: in this series you will hear quite a lot of Sicilian words and expressions on top of the more standard Italian, but don’t worry, the subtitles will help!

So don’t wait any longer, enjoy The Hunter season 1!


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