What are the most common stereotypes about Italians?

When we think of stereotypes about Italians, there are some very common things that come to our mind: spaghetti, gesture, musical accent, fashion and many more.

Let’s see what is true and what is false. Ready?

Italians cannot live without pasta and they eat it everyday. ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

Italians do eat pasta every day, sometimes twice a day. Pasta is the principal nourishment and it could be substituted only by pizza. The Italians’ addiction to pasta seems to become stronger when they go abroad: pasta is the first thing they put in their luggage.

Italians have an amazing coffee culture. TRUE!

For Italians coffee is the first thing they want in the morning, the best conclusion for a meal, and an important drink to socialise. The typical Italian coffee is espresso, but no one calls it like that, they just call it coffee. People don’t lounge around and sip on it, they cruise into a coffee bar, order it, talk about last night’s soccer match, drink it in one shot.

Italians talk a lot, with a strong musical accent and they are always gesturing while talking. TRUE!

The most important part of the Italian communication is gesture: the way Italians move their hands, hold the head, move their shoulders, their particular facial expressions, as well as the way to use eyes and mouths to be understood. For Italians the body is the strongest communication tool ever.
Italians speak very loudly in public on the bus, in the street or on the phone, so you can definitely hear them talking!

Italians are very romantic. TRUE… or FALSE?!? 

Maybe the stereotype of the Italian romantic lover is not completely dead. An Italian guy will never let a girl go home unescorted, he gives her some flowers, he dedicates her love songs… Italians enjoy romance, at least apparently!

Italians are very fashionable. TRUE!

Italians are also fashion victims: you can recognise them by the way they dress (Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses; Calvin Klein boxers; Levi’s jeans; Gucci handbags). They dress stylishly in every different occasions and they are too proud of their primate in the world of fashion. Surely, you will never see an Italian wearing sporting short pants combined with long socks and slippers!

All Italians can play mandolin. FALSE!

In the common imaginary all Italians can play this typical musical instrument which is often associated to the other most common stereotype (spaghetti e mandolino) but hold on… actually few Italians are able to do that!

Lie and truth, positive and negative things, reality and stereotypes… each culture is a peculiar and fascinating little world, ready to be discovered in all its different aspects.

We have opened a window on the Italian culture, and we hope you have enjoy it!


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