Have you ever heard about the Italian royal drinks?

There are amazing royal drinks to try: would you prefer Negroni, Negroni Sbagliato or Negrosky? There is a great variety of alternatives for an aperitivo with an Italian’s signature.

“On May 25th 1868 the Count Camillo Negroni was born in Fiesole. Member of a noble and wealthy family, he became a celebrity of his time: vibrant, creative, rebellious, multilingual, traveler, he was a character that was noticed.” That is how Luca Picchi, author of “On the trail of the count”, describes the true story of the Negroni cocktail.

The history of the cocktail starts from Caffè Casoni, in a multiethnic meeting point in Florence… Not really a café in the traditional sense, as underlined the current barmen of Rivoire, since they were also selling perfumes and tobacco.

The local bartender at that time was a young guy called Fosco Scarselli who, between 1919/20, made a variant of the already existing Milan-Turin cocktail, with red Vermouth and Campari bitters, that Count Negroni drunk as it was like orange juice! Then Scarselli, under the Count’s suggestion, added some gin, to which the Count put half a slice of orange to distinguish his drink from the others in the restaurant… So ingenious!

Since there are a lot of variants of the cocktail, why don’t you try making some? You can choose the best solution for you, according to your personality!

So here are the recipes!

To make all of these cocktails you can use a short tumbler and fill it with a lot of ice cubes.

  • ORIGINAL NEGRONI: for classic personalities.

This variant is recommended for those who like to keep the authentic flavours of the past. It’s time to put the ingredients in the full iced glass:

– 3/10 of red vermouth;

– 3/10 of Campari bitter;

– 3/10 of flavour gin.

If you want to make the drink spicier why don’t you use Angostura… It’s a bitter concentrate! Stir it and that’s it! The best garnish is obviously an orange slice.

  • NEGRONI SBAGLIATO: for charming personalities.

If you are a person with a sophisticate personality you cannot come out without choosing this particular and magic version! Come on… It’s aperitivo time:

– 3/10 of red Vermouth;

– 3/10 of Campari bitter;

– 3/10 of Prosecco wine.

And if you want to make it more precious, instead of Prosecco use Champagne! ENJOY!

  • NEGROSKY: for strong personalities.

If you always know what you are looking for and you go straight to the point in every situation… This is the top for you! You just need:

3/10 of red Vermouth;

3/10 of Campari bitter;

3/10 of vodka;

Stir all the ingredients together and you’re ready for the party!

Drink Responsibly!