Curious to discover the most popular Italian Christmas presents?

Every year they search the most useful and nice Christmas presents for family and friends, split between tradition and innovation: but what are the most common Italian Christmas presents?

Let’s find out the Italian tastes!

Technology – It seems that the most common presents are smartphones, tablets and all kinds of technologic stuff to keep up with the times.

Spa – Lots of people prefer to buy a coupon for a massage or a relaxing weekend in a Spa, a perfect present to fight the everyday stress!

Wine and food tasting –If you are passionate about food and drinks, this is the present to ask for Christmas: it’s very fashionable!

Kitchen tools – Considering the high number of people who love cooking, some last generation kitchen tools might be extremely useful! For example, why don’t you challenge your friends with a pasta maker?

Reflex – Photography spread across Italy over the past five years and became one of the most common hobbies. Almost everyone would like to receive a reflex or some accessories to enrich their equipment but careful, prices are quite expensive!

Holiday – An all inclusive weekend in a lovely location will make your friends really happy. You might buy one of the famous boxes (a proper holiday package) choosing between different themes.

top 10 italian christmas presents

Ethical presents – Fair trade handmade objects are getting more and more common as buying them you can support humanitarian organisations. Originality is guaranteed!

Clothes and accessories – Women still like unwrapping a nice dress or a bag. If you want to buy something unusual you could have a look in a vintage shop and buy something really unique to surprise your girlfriends.

Kindle – The perfect present for book lovers: small, light and full of different books. They will have to give up that amazing paper smell that they love, but they will get used to it!

Ticket – If you want to give a fantastic experience instead of an object, why don’t you choose a ticket for a show or a concert? Your beloved will be enthusiast!

And you? What are you going to buy for your dear ones?

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