Wondering about the best Christmas Destinations In Spain?

We all agree that there are fantastic Christmas Destinations in Spain to head to. Spain is a country where Christmas is a magic time of the year and traditions are really valued.

So if you wish to spend a special Christmas this year, you made a great choice! But where should you go for an unforgettable experience?

Let’s see our top 5 Christmas destinations in Spain!

Barcelona. Definitely one of the best places to spend Christmas for the variety of things to do and amazing markets around the city.

Don’t miss the Fira de Santa Llúcia, very popular fair in front of the Cathedral which has been going on for 225 years.

But you can also go for Christmas sailing, get a drink in the wintery Ice Bar and, of course, enjoy a great flamenco night at Teatro Flamenco!

Madrid. Twinkling with colourful lights, Madrid is a perfect Christmas destination.

Walk through the main market in Plaza Mayor and the great nativity scenes set around the city centre: the atmosphere is incredible! For a special night, enjoy the New Year’s Concert at Teatro Real!

Seville. If you prefer a warmer Christmas, this Southern city is a great option. One of the most typical things is the Fiera del Belén: a market where you can find any decorations and figurines for your nativity scene. It’s really impressive!

And if you enjoy classic music, the Real Orquesta Sinfónica De Seville will amaze you!

discover the top 5 Christmas Destinations In Spain

And there are two more amazing cities to visit this Christmas!

Valencia. You will be amazed by the monumental nativity scene in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, built by the Coucil every year.

For a traditional Christmas, go to the Midnight mess on the 24th December in the Cathedral, where you will listen to the Cathedral Choir. And if you are staying until the New Year, celebrate in Plaza del Ayuntamiento with music and fireworks!

Zaragoza. If you are keen on winter sports, in Zaragoza you can find a lovely snow park to try something different this year. Write your wishes on the Tree of Wishes in Pilar Square, where you can also see a massive nativity scene in natural size!

Have you made up your mind?

It’s time to plan your Christmas in Spain!

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