Curious to know about the top 5 languages to find a job in UK?

If you want to start learning another language, being aware of the top 5 languages to find a job in UK can be a plus.

Language skills are getting more and more important, so nowadays people who can speak more languages have great opportunities.

Probably Brexit has boosted this process: the exit from the EU encourages companies to find very skilled individuals who can cope with foreign customers or operate across borders.

Also, the fallen of language students at university has caused a shortage of some European language graduates.

So this is the perfect time to invest in language learning!

But what languages are British employers looking for?

According to the job platform Indeed, the first language sought-after is German, followed by French, Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

Indeed analysed the number of job postings since 2016 and came up with some interesting results.

Jobs for German speakers have increased by 11.59%, whilst there has been only a little increase (1.17%) in jobs for French speakers.

Chinese speakers are also very valued by companies in UK: 643 postings (per million) and an increase of the 35.39%.

Did you expect that?

Probably you did, due to the crucial economic role China is playing.

On the contrary, the demand for Spanish speakers has decreased by 9.50%.

Even so, the number of job postings is 567 per million, so Spanish is the fourth most important language.

Just below, we find the Italian language: it has soared by 17.68%, with 531 job postings per million.


Well, if you consider that Italian is not even among the first 5 most spoken languages in the world, it is really an interesting data!

So now you know which languages you can choose from!

Any of these languages will give you the chance to compete for great roles in your industry!

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