It’s time to discover some amazing New Year traditions!

The New Year deserves a big celebration and Italians generally do it properly, with lovely New Year traditions.

It starts on the 31st December with the New Year’s Eve and goes on the day after with a wonderful lunch and many ancient traditions that make it a unique day.

Let’s go through the 5 most famous ones!

1) Red

Wearing something red is absolutely compulsory, it doesn’t matter what: could be a dress for a woman or a tie for a man.

Normally people also wear red underwear to bring luck in the New Year, but the tradition in this case  is quite strict: it want you to wear new underwear and to throw it away on the 1st January!

2) Dinner

The New Year’s Eve dinner is really luscious. Generally meat based, it is composed by many different dishes and ends with lenticchie e cotechino (lentils and sausage).

The cotechino is a particular sausage made of the meat of the trotter; it is quite tasty and contains a high percentage of fat, which symbolises abundance.

3) “Cocci” (old pots and pans)

To get rid of the negative influences that come from the past year, people throw old pot and pans from upstairs windows at midnight. Feel free to try but careful: it’s a dangerous tradition, so have a look down the street before throwing anything!

4) “Vischio” (mistletoe) 

Kissing under the mistletoe hung on to a door is a way to wish luck. If you kiss your partner under the “vischio”, that will bring you love for the following year.

5) Doors and windows 

If you want to let evil spirits go away from your house, open all the windows at midnight. At the same time, open the door to let good spirits in!

So which tradition will you follow this year?

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