Dreaming of Sardegna?

A pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean sea: Sardegna is a multifaceted island where you can find an incredibly beautiful nature, the remains of an ancient, enchanting culture and a lot of fun!

It is really difficult to make a list of things to see as the whole region is worth a visit.

Nevertheless, here you have a top 5  places the t you can’t miss.

Arcipelago della Maddalena. Made of 7 main islands, this stunning archipelago will surprise you with its wonderful transparent water and its white sand.

On the Budelli island, you will love the Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach), where you will find pink sand which comes from the shell of different marine animals.

Su Nuraxi. This is the most important and well preserved megalithic monument among 7000 nuraghi all over the region.

The function of this typical monument is still debated by scholars, who are still wondering if it was a religious temple, a house, a fortification or a sepulchre.

Su Nuraxi is impressive and tells a long story, which will throw you back to the XV century B.C.

Costa Smeralda. So called for the crystal clear turquoise water, this part of the Sardinian coast is probably the most famous not only for the natural beauty but also for the luxurious hotels, the sophisticated restaurants and the exciting night life.

Definitely the best place to have fun!

Alghero. Called Barceloneta, which means “little Barcelona“, for its past as a Catalan colony, Alghero is a beautiful medieval city  in the North-West, close to the well known Riviera del Corallo (Coral Coast).

From Alghero you can take a boat to the Grotte di Nettuno: these fabulous caves dated back to prehistoric times are definitely a must see.

After crossing a passage hidden by plants, you reach a lake fed by the sea, a place that will leave you astounded.

Capo Carbonara. Marine protected area situated in the South East, here you can find the stagno dei Notteri (Flamingo Pond), separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land where you can see pink flamingos.

Also, you will notice a particularly shining sand: this is due to the high percentage of quartz.

And, if you go on a boat trip, you can see dolphins all around!

This is just a tasting of the incredible beauty you will fall in love with, but have a look at our Pinterest board to see what these places look like:

So, are you ready to go?