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Nowadays we can find every sort of videoclip on the YouTube platform, from music, documentaries and sport videos, to a brand new kind of “talk show” made by the so-called Youtubers. The Youtubers are generally young people who have something interesting to say about different topics and want to share it with the world.

Here you find our Italian Youtubers top 5: enjoy and go search for them on Youtube!

5. Yotobi


Yotobi, nickname for Karim Musa, is the perfect representative of the Italian nerds. In his videos he makes harsh rewievs on the newest TV series and movies, with a special focus on trash. He will entertain you with black humor and irony!

4. Willwoosh


Willwoosh has been one of the very first humor Youtubers in Italy: thanks to his channel opened in 2009, he has presented a national radio programme and acted in his very first movie, “Una canzone per te”. If you want to laugh out loud take a look at his videos!

3. Clio Makeup


Behind Clio Makeup there’s Clio Zammatteo, the most famous Italian makeup artist on Youtube: she is Italian but lives in New York. She opened her Youtube channel in 2008 and her fame has increased ever since, landing in Italian television with a makeup programme. Girls, never miss a video!

2. Favij

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Someone calls him “the king of the Italian Youtubers”: he is Favij, nickname for Lorenzo Ostuni, who opened one of the most visited Youtube channels in Italy. What does he do? He plays videogames and comments them while playing. Silly? Take a look at his fans and viewings counter..!

1. Cutie Pie Marzia


Although CutiepieMarzia, nickname for Marzia Bisognin, is the most visited Youtube channel in this top five, she isn’t very well known in Italy: this is due to the fact that she doesn’t live in Italy but in the UK, and most of her videos are in English. In her videos she talks about fashion, make-up and girly stuff.

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