Are you wondering where you can find nice resources to improve your reading skills in Spanish? If you don’t have much time to go to a bookshop or a library, just browse online and choose what you like!

If you want to practice the language and take a new challenge every day, you might like 123 Teach Me where you have a selection of over 200 texts with comprehension activities at any levels.

Would you like to start from fairytales? In that case, an amazing resource is Children’s Books Forever: lovely tales to download, good for children but very enjoyable for adults too! If you like this genre, try Cuentos de Grimm as well, a collection of Grimm’s stories in Spanish.

You may also enjoy some traditional Spanish short stories: have a look at Spanish Romance and Woodward Spanish, entirely in Spanish and with a useful vocabulary to help you with some new words. If you are an intermediate or advanced student, in Archive you can find a good collections of stories to download and take with you.

Do you prefer reading a newspaperBBC Mundo includes news from all over the world, but if you would like to read something specifically from Spain El País and La Vanguardia are two of the most important national newspaper to have a look at.

Whatever you choose, what is the best reading strategy? When you approach a text split it in short parts to read 2-3 times, starting from a general comprehension and going deeper at every reading. Also, try to resist the temptation of searching any single word in the dictionary: if you don’t know a word, guess its meaning from the context first and then, at the end of the passage, select maximum 5-6 words to check up.

Have you tried any of these resources already? It’s time to read!