Are you wondering how to learn and practice Spanish having fun?

Have you ever tried apps?

There are many fantastic apps to use and enjoy, discover our top ten!

FluentU – Learn Spanish through a huge variety of authentic videos about different topics: each one comes with an interactive transcript so that you can tap on new words to learn them and add them to your list.

Also, you can take a quiz about the video you just watched and go through other suggested video based on the vocabulary you learnt!

Duolingo – A very popular app and split into units that go up in difficulty which gives you the chance to track your improvements.

It offers many activities to develop all the abilities and a number of words to learn in order to build your vocabulary.

Memrise – A very useful one to learn and memorize words not through mechanical repetition but games and funny sentences that help you remember the word.

MindSnacks – With its learning by playing methodology, it teaches vocabulary through nine games based on different themes that make you develop your conversation skills and expand your vocabulary.

Busuu – Great to learn spoken Spanish, it gives you the opportunity to go through structured lessons and, at the end, practice with native speakers.

Also you can do a mock conversation: your interlocutor’s part is already recorded, so you can record your part and listen to the whole dialogue. Fun, isn’t it?

SpeakEasy – A great app to take with you when traveling in Spanish speaking countries: a phrasebook with native speakers recordings to listen carefully and pronounce words and sentences correctly.

Rosetta Stone – Learning Spanish through Spanish, as children do: this is the methodology behind this popular app that will help you learn new vocabulary and phrases and check your pronunciation.

Fluencia – If you are a visual person, this is the perfect app for you as it guides you through the learning process with a lot of visual aids.

Divided in 10 units, it gives you the chance to review what you learnt at the end of each one, so it looks like a proper structured language course.

MosaLingua – Based on the spaced repetition method, this app is great if you want to learn the basics quickly and communicate with native speakers.

With this amazing variety, you will definitely find the right apps for you!

Which one is your favourite?

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