Learning a language nowadays can be incredibly easy and funny: have you ever tried using one of the fantastic apps to learn Italian that you can download directly on your smartphone?

They are all incredibly engaging, but let’s see the most popular ones!

Duolingo: great to focus on vocabulary and structure choosing a daily goal for the number of minutes users want to practice every day. Once you complete a section you can move forward to a more difficult one.

Busuu: after learning new words and phrases, this app gives you the chance to write a text using what you learnt and then have it correct by a native speaker.

FluentU: based on native videos at any level, it is great for an immersion in the Italian language and culture. Tapping on the interactive transcript of the video you can see definitions, some examples and other videos containing the same word. After watching, you can take quizzes to test your knowledge on what you learnt.

Musixmatch: a huge catalogue of Italian songs to read the lyric in the original language while listening to your music. Each sentence is also translated in your language in order to help you understand.

Memrise: its main features is that it teaches you new words putting them in sentences built with words that sound similar to your native language in order to help you associating the meanings.

Mondly: good to learn Italian tenses and useful vocabulary saving your progress every day. The great thing is that you can also compete in games and activities with your friends who are studying Italian or with strangers.

Anki: all based on flashcards you can easily create even adding media, for example asking a native speaker to record a word or sentence and test yourself on it when you want.

SoundHound: were you listening to the Italian radio but couldn’t recognize a famous song? This app will help you telling you the title and will also lead you to the full lyric.

Rosetta Stone Travel App: a specific app to learn words and phrases particularly useful to travel to Italy and practice the correct pronunciation as well.

AccelaStudy: a useful app to focus on specific words, especially if you are struggling to memorize them. It offers audio quizzes, flashcards, spaced repetition and you can use it either offline or in a hand-free mode.

Do you already use any of them?