Did you try our list of Sicilian recipes?

If you did, now you know how you could prepare a traditional meal.

If you want to respect the tradition, however, you have to know that you cannot complete a lunch or a dinner without something sweet.

In Sicilian patisserie there are some common ingredients like ricotta, candy fruits, summertime fruits, almonds, dry fruits and citrus fruits.

In traditional desserts you will not find much chocolate, since it has been introduced in Sicily only in the last centuries.

However, nowadays chocolate is used in order to meet contemporary people’ tastes.

Let’s discover the ten best Sicilian dessert to enjoy!

Cannoli are well known all over the world.

They are made with a fried paste in the shape of a tube, sometimes covered with a thin layer of chocolate (in order to keep the paste crispy), stuffed with sweetened ricotta cheese (filtered ricotta with sugar and chocolate drops). Decorations are made by chopped pistachio nuts from Bronte or candy fruits.

Cassata is a colorful cake made with the same stuffing used for cannoli.

There are two versions of this cake: the traditional one is made with sponge-cake covered with marzipan, sugar frosting and candy fruits.

There is also a simpler version called cassata al forno (baked cassata), made with shortcrust pastry and ricotta stuffing. Both versions are absolutely delicious!

Gelo di melone is a summertime fresh dessert. It is a jelly made with watermelon and cinnamon, typical of Ferragosto, which is celebrated on the 15th August.

Granita and brioche. This is not a real dessert but a combination of sweet elements.

Brioche is a kind of sweetbread that people love to eat with granita (water ice) or ice-cream not only after a meal but for breakfast as well.

Cuccia di Santa Lucia. It is a creamy dessert made with ricotta, boiled wheat, chocolate drops and candy fruits.

It’s typical for the celebration of Santa Lucia on the 13th December.

Frutta martorana and Agnello Pasquale are both made of almond paste in the shape of fruits (typically on the 1st November), or in the shape of a lamb (typical of Easter celebration).

Pignolata is made of several fried small balls of paste covered with honey and it is usually prepared for Carnival.

Salame turco (Turkish salami) is a dessert made with chocolate, hard biscuits and nuts mixed together.

It has the shape of a salami and it is cut in slices.

Torrone is a typical Christmas sweet made with eggs, honey, sugar, almonds, nuts and peanuts.

Buccellato is another Christmas dessert made with shortcrust pastry stuffed with fried figs, raisins and candied orange skin.

So, which one would you like to try first?