Most of the non-alcoholic drinks common in Spain are the same of other countries: soft drinks, juices, and, of course, water. But others are characteristic: they drink granizado, which is a drink in the middle between an orange juice and an orange ice-lolly, or a lemon juice and a lemon ice-lolly, or a coffee and a coffee ice-lolly: it has a liquid part and a grind ice part.
A batido is a mix between milk and another sweet drink such as juices, chocolate or vanilla.
The horchata de chufa is a typical drink of the zone of Valencia, and it has at least two centuries of history. It is prepared with tiger nuts, water and sugar, and it is as white as milk.
By boiling water and adding leaves of flowers or medical plants you can prepare an infusion, that would be our tea or infusion.
Granizados, batidos and horchata can be drink both alone, cold and out of a meal, either in the afternoon or at night. Infusiones must be drunk hot, at any time of the day.

But let’s be serious now: let’s talk about alcoholic drinks! Well then, as you probably already know, wine has a thousand-years tradition in Spain, when the Phoenicians introduced the culture of the cultivation of vine.

Some Spanish wines have an excellent reputation worldwide, such as the ones of Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Jerez or the white wines of Penedés in Cataluña. To avoid confusion between the consumers and guarantee the origin and quality of the wine, on the label of the bottle you can find the “denominación de origen”: that way you should not make any mistake while choosing the wine to drink with a Spanish!
Beer is also very common is Spain, also thanks to its affordable price. In Spanish, there is a specific vocabulary to ask for a beer: you may ask for a caña, which is the small beer, approx. 200c.c.; a jarra, the medium sized, 330c.c.; a litrona or tanque, 1000c.c.
Another alcoholic drink, known from everyone, is the sangría, and here’s how to prepare the proper one:
What you will need is:

1l of red wine
1 bottle of lemon Fanta
1 oz. of gin
1 oz. of Cointreau
1 oz. of cognac
1 twig of cinnamon
1 peach cut into pieces
Sugar at your taste
Lemon slices

Now, mix in a pitcher the wine with the lemon Fanta, the liqueurs and the sugar, and stir well. Then you have to add cinnamon, pieces of peach and slices of lemon. Leave it for 30 minutes so that the fruit tenderizes. Then serve it cold with ice cubes.