Italian Teacher Training Programme

Happy Languages offers an Italian teacher training programme for those who want to start teaching Italian to foreign students.

The programme is focused on theoretical and practical aspects of language teaching and gives the chance to put into practice many aspects discussed during the course: trainees constantly work in groups and can also observe lessons taught by professional teachers in order to analyse lessons and better understand the teacher’s role.

The aim of the programme is developing the main teaching skills and be able, by the end of the course, to deliver a course and manage the whole teaching process, from planning to teaching.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to learn how to manage space and time in a class in the most effective way. The attentive supervision guides the trainees and help them work on his strengths and weaknesses through a thorough feedback in order to become a teaching professional.

The price for the full package is £600.

For further information and booking please contact us.