Carosone sang: “Tu vuo’ fa l’Americano, mmericano, mmericano! Ma si nato in Italy!

So it happened to one of the most popular Italian aperitifs, the Americano cocktail, that contains very few stars and stripes!!

Why one of the most famous Italian’s cocktail has a tricky name like “Americano“? Probably because was named in honour of Primo Carnera, one of the greatest boxers in America!

This cocktail is shrouded in mystery when James Bond,”Agente 007“, introduced it in his list of favourite cocktails, along with “Martini Cocktail” and “Negroni”, two other Italian apertifs.

We should mention that, at first, the cocktail was named “Milano-Torino” from the origins of the two main ingredients; the IBA recipe added a top of soda water to make it better.

Try to guess the area of origin of ingredients…obviously ITALY!

Let’s start from Vermouth, a fortified wine, flavoured with hundreds of secret spices that give to each bottle a different feature, directly from Turin. The second spirit that comes together with Vermouth is an alcoholic bitter: Campari, born in Milan.

Are you somewhere in the world and want to make an original Italian Americano? 3,2,1…go!

First of all…the glass! Americano is served in a short tumbler, also known as  Old Fashioned glass. Fill it up with ice cubes …and now it’s spirits time! In which parts?

Well, for a perfect Americano we should put:

  • 3 cl of Vermouth
  • 3 cl of Bitter
  • a splash of soda water

Now I am going to reveal you a secret: add a slice of orange and garnish with a lemon twist to discover an ancient unforgettable taste! Try it!

Do not forget: the Americano should be served without straw, so that smell and taste can blend in a sensational round.

And if you’re passing by Italy do not miss the opportunity to taste the authentic Americano, served by the original classical bartenders, in the Martini’s Terrace, where you can see a gorgeous skyline of Milan city center.

Have fun and, of course, drink Americano responsibly!

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