Ready to make Tuna And Goat Cheese Empanadillas?

Tuna And Goat Cheese Empanadillas are a delicious Spanish specialty.

Even if we often associate empanadas to South America, they actually come from Galicia, in North-West Spain.

Empanadillas are the smaller version, so they are often served as tapas: little crispy turnovers filled with different ingredients.

During this lockdown we definitely have more time to cook and try new recipes…so why don’t you make empanadillas at home?

It’s really easy and the result will fulfill your expectations!

Have a look at the ingredients you need!

250g de hojaldre –> 250 g of puff pastry

90g de atún en lata –> 90g of tuna in a tin

50g de queso de cabra –> 50g of goat cheese

2,5 cucharadas de cebolla picada –> 2,5 spoons of chopped onion

1 diente de ajo –> 1 clove of garlic

2,5 cucharadas de piñones tostados –> 2,5 spoons of toasted pine nuts

2,5 cucharadas de alcaparras, cortadas –> 2,5 spoons of chopped capers

1 cucharadita de pimentón –> 1 teaspoon of paprika

40g de aceitunas rellenas de pimiento morrón, cortadas –> 40 g of chopped olives stuffed with sweet peppers

aceite de oliva virgen extra –> extra virgin olive oil

sal y pimienta –> salt and pepper

Let’s start the preparation!

Heat some oil in a pan, add onion and garlic finely chopped and cook until soft.

Mix tuna, goat cheese, pine nuts, capers, olives, onion, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper in a bowl mashing them with a fork.

Roll out the puff pastry over a floured surface until it’s half a centimetre thick.

Using a cookies cutter or the edge of a glass (6-8cm), cut as many circles as you can.

Put some filling in the centre of the dough, brush the edges with some water and fold the circle over to obtain a semi-circle shape.

Press the edges down with a fork to seal them properly.

Heat the oven up at 180°C, put the empanadillas in a baking tray, brush the top with some beaten egg and bake them for around 25-30 minutes until brown and crispy.

You can serve your empanadillas hot or let them cool down a bit, as you like!

Delicious, aren’t they?

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