In Italy, if you get a little discount, you can definitely use the Italian idiomatic expression “Tutto fa brodo!“. If you translate it literally it means “everything makes broth” but obviously isn’t a cooking reference: its meaning is similar to “it’s all grist to the mill“, so it is a nice idiom to say that every little helps.

Its origin dates back to the Middle Age, when people used to eat broth every day: a kind of soup which cooked for hours and was made adding any food people could find.

Here you have some useful examples!

Italian English
Oggi il cameriere mi ha fatto 2€ di sconto. Tutto fa brodo! Today the waiter gave me 2€ discount. Every little helps!
Dato che non ho frequentato il corso, se puoi dammi i tuoi appunti per preparare l’esame, tutto fa brodo. As I didn’t attend the course, if you can give me your notes to prepare the exam, it’s all grist to the mill.
Questo mese ho risparmiato un po’ di soldi per comprare la macchina, non è molto ma tutto fa brodo. This month I saved some money to buy a car, it’s not much but every little helps.


Would you use a similar idiomatic expression in your language?