Have you already watched the Spanish TV series Hache on Netflix?

The TV series Hache includes two seasons and 14 episodes in total. It’s set in the 60s in Barcelona and the drug trafficking story will make you hold your breath until the end!

If you want to improve your Spanish, watching it is a great idea!

Watching a series in Spanish is very challenging but also a great practice: either with or without subtitles, it’s a chance to learn a lot of vocabulary and useful phrases.

And if the series is engaging like Hache, it’s an enjoyable way to spend some time relaxing on your sofa!

So let’s find out more about Hache!

Helena, the main character, works as a prostitute to earn money and help her boyfriend, the father of her daughter, who’s in jail. Her life is tough, money never enough and she never pays her rent on time.

Chased by a violent client, she takes refuge in a nightclub, Albatross. The club’s owner, Malpica, a drug trafficker, helps her: after they spend a night together he gives her a huge amount of money and the nickname “Hache“.

discover the Spanish tv series hache


When she finds out his trafficking, Malpica asks her to move in with him and become one of his girls: the violent but strong relationship between them allows Hache to better understand Malpica’s business and learn how to deal with it.

So when Malpica dies, Hache rises through the ranks and replaces him in the drug trafficking.

It’s a really enthralling story, don’t miss it!

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