Rocco Schiavone: Discover The Fourth Season

Have you enjoyed the Italian TV series Rocco Schiavone?

The TV series Rocco Schiavone includes 4 seasons and is definitely one of the best in Italy over the past years: if you haven’t watched it and are curious to read more about the main character and the story follow this link.

The fourth season came out in March 2021 with two new episodes inspired to two novels written by Antonio Manzini that continue the story of the deputy commissioner.

In this new season Rocco Schiavone carries on the investigation about his murky past which had been left unresolved at the end of the previous season. On top of that, he works on new cases following his controversial methods that always lead him to solve them, even through odd paths.

What happens in the new season?

In the first episode, Schiavone goes back to Aosta after a short escape: the corpse of the man he had killed has not been found, so he can restart working on the case of the accountant which he had left unresolved before his departure. Besides, he keeps searching Sebastiano, his friend who seems to be disappeared and might be related to all this odd story.

discover the TV series rocco schiavone fourth season


In the last episode, due to an operation Rocco is in a hospital where he investigates over a case of medical malpractice and meets a suffering humanity that reflects his tormented soul. In the background, the grief for his wife loss is still deep and her thought accompanies Rocco throughout his life. A fascinating, bittersweet story that digs into the human soul and reveals all its different sides.

If you like Marco Giallini, who plays Roco Schiavone, we recommend you to watch this fantastic season, where he reaches the heights of despair hidden under his irony, which definitely gets a laugh out of every viewer.

Don’t miss this fourth season and let us know what you think!



  • Dr. Maria Procaccino

    Can’t find the 4th Season… HELP… where can i stream it????!!!

    • Paolo La Gamma

      Probably is not available in streaming, We will keep you posted:)

  • Vincenzo Ciuffa

    Amazon Prime have the whole programme but you need to be in Italy to download it, I’m in France atm and trying. Excellent TV!!

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