Can’t wait to start two months classes for Italian in September?

At Happy Languages we have great two months classes for Italian starting from the 23rd September.

In that week all our courses will restart after the summer break and we will be happy to welcome you!

As we offer a number of different courses, first of all you have to check your level.

If you have studied Italian before but you are not sure about your level, we would suggest you to contact us.

You will be put through a native teacher to have a chat and make sure that you will enrol in the right course.

What if you have never studied Italian before?

Well, in this case the best choice is a Beginner 1 course!

Basically it is the first approach to the language, necessary to learn Italian from scratch.

This course will start on the 26th September and will take place from 7pm to 8.30pm for 10 weeks.

What will you study?

During the course you will go through the basics.

But don’t worry: you will be encouraged to speak Italian from the first lesson!

Interactive activities and fun games will help you put into practice what you learn straight away.

You will progress very quickly and that will be very motivating!

Which method do we use?

We believe that language learners are driven by the need to communicate.

That is why all our courses are strongly oriented to this important goal.

Our courses are structured to help student interacting in Italian since the very beninning.

You will be surprised by how much you will be able to use the language at the end of your course!

Our teachers will and suggest you how to move to the next step, so you will always be supported by qualified professionals.

Don’t forget that during and after your course you can practice with our online resources and lovely video tutorials to improve your Italian!