Dreaming of a holiday in Uruguay?

Point of contention between Spain and Portugal, Uruguay borders Argentina to its West, Brazil to its North and East, the Atlantic Ocean to the South-East.

After being a Spanish colony for a long time, in 1828 the country became independent and started welcoming a massive migration from Europe, which contributed to its golden age in the XIX century.

Nowadays Uruguay is a fascinating mix of influences.

So what are the most attractive places to visit?

Let’s go through all of them!

Montevideo. Capital city of Uruguay, it was built in 1724 by the Spanish.

In the old city you can visit the Cathedral, built in 1790 and known as Chiesa Madre.

Wandering around, don’t miss the Mercado del Puerto, amazing market where you can taste the traditional Uruguayan food, the ancient walls in Plaza Indipendencia and the lively harbour.

Colonia del Sacramento. Under the UNESCO Heritage, this small city is a magic place which seems to be beyond space and time.

Here you can spend time in the Museo Spagnolo (Spanish Museum), built by the Portuguese in the XVIII century.

Also, you can see the famous lighthouse, built on the ruins of an ancient monastery: from there, the view over the city is wonderful!

Punta del Este. A very turistee city, called the “Saint Tropez of Latin America” because of the luxury beaches and infrastructures that attracts millionaire yachts from all over the world.

And, if you want to relax, you can enjoy one of the several thermal centres to relax.

Salto Grande is the biggest and it includes an aquatic park, Acuamansa, with many attractions for children and adults.

Last but not least, what about food and drinks?

Definitely meat is one of the best in the world: that is why the national dish is the barbecue (asados).

In addition to that, try the puchero, beef served with beans, vegetables, cured meat and bacon and the chivitos, uruguayan burgers.

Also, apart from the mate (a famous South American infused drink), taste the typical sweet and fruity wine and the honey grappa, a very strong but delicious speciality to enjoy after dinner.

Here you can find our Pinterest board dedicated to Uruguay, full of amazing pictures!

Now, it’s time to plan your holiday!