Have you already studied the Uses of Condizionale in Italian?

The Uses of Condizionale are quite different, so it is important to consider when to use it.

Going through all of them is definitely very helpful, especially if you can have a look at some examples.

So watch this lovely video tutorial, it will be a great revision!



When do we use it? – Quando lo usiamo?

In Italian we use the Conditional:

  • to express a desire – per esprimere un desiderio

Vorrei un gelato oggi –> I would like an ice cream today

  • to express a doubt – per esprimere un dubbio

Non so se andrei a quel ristorante di nuovo –> I don’t know if I’d go to that restaurant again

  • to give an advice – per dare un consiglio

Secondo me dovresti partire alle 4 oggi –> In my opinion you should leave at 4 today

  • to ask something politely – per chiedere qualcosa in maniera gentile

Vorrei un bicchier d’acqua, per favore –> I would like a glass of water, please

And then we use the Past Conditional to talk about an action in the past which has not been confirmed.

L’aereo sarebbe atterrato alle quattro –> The plane may have landed at four

It means that we are not sure about it.

Another use of the Past Conditional in Italian is to describe the Future in the Past.

Ieri ti ho detto che oggi sarei arrivato alle otto –> Yesterday I told you I would arrive at 8 today

Would you be able to make some examples for each use?

It would be a very good practice!

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