Do you know the uses of Future Tense in Italian?

We have different uses of Future Tense to learn.

This is why it is important to focus on each use and read some examples to better understand them.

Let’s go through them watching this video tutorial!


In Italian we use the Future Tense to talk about an action in the future.

Domani sarà una bella giornata. –> Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day.

Il concerto si terrà domenica prossima. –> The concert is going to take place next Sunday.

A settembre comincerò il mio nuovo lavoro. –> I’m going to start a new job in September.

We also use the Future Tense in Italian to plan an action in the future.

Domani inizierò una dieta. –> Tomorrow I will be on a diet.

L’anno prossimo andremo in America. –> Next year we will go to America.

L’anno prossimo inizierò un corso di italiano. –> Next year I will start an Italian course.

Another use of the Future Tense in Italian is to express a doubt in the present.

Bussano alla porta, chi sarà? –> Someone is knocking at the door, who is it?

Che ore sono? Saranno le 4. –> What time is it? I guess it’s 4.

Now you can try to make some more example for each use and see how it goes!

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