Verlo todo de color de rosa” is a new Spanish idiom to learn!

Among hundreds idioms, “verlo todo de color de rosa” is a really nice one.

As usual, at Happy Languages we pay a lot of attention to idiomatic expressions and we always try to introduce some of them in order to make students aware of how many lovely idioms we can use.

And students are very happy to learn these expressions to enrich their language and use the same phrases as native speakers.

Let’s discover what this idiom means then!

If we translate this expression, it means “to see everything in pink”

The pink colour, in the Spanish culture, is associated to optimism, therefore the idiom means “to see everything with excessive optimism”.

If you know someone who tends to focus only on positive aspects of a situation, this is the perfect expression to use!

Here we have some examples to have a look at!

Spanish English
Tú siempre lo ves todo de color de rosa You always see everything with excessive optimism.
El resultado del voto hará que dejen de verlo todo color de rosa y que se desvanezcan sus sueños. The result of the vote will make them to stop being over-optimistic and cause their dreams to disappear.
Cuando se casó, la muchacha veía todo de color de rosa aunque su matrimonio tenía graves problemas.  When she got married, the girl was too optimistic even though her marriage had serious problems.

Can you use this idiom with someone you know?

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