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Veronica Raimo is an interesting Italian author who recently published her last work, “Niente di vero”, included in the 74 books submitted for the Premio Strega, the most important Italian book prize.

If you read her books since the first one “Il dolore secondo Matteo”, you can feel the constant evolution of her writing: each book is unique and completely different from the previous one. So, from the love triangle of her brilliant debut, she moved to “Tutte le feste di domani”, where the main character, Alberta, is the focal point of the whole story and where the author shows her incredible ability to carve out peculiar characters.

In “Miden”, Veronica Raimo builds a sort of perfect city: Miden, in a vague North European country, is a sort of ideal place where people have to be formally accepted before moving and everyone is perfectly placed and has to contribute to the life of the community. The book tells the story of a couple, a professor and his partner, profoundly shocked after he is accused of sexual abuse by a student.

After a different experience, “Le bambinacce”, ironic and erotic rhymes illustrated by Marco Rossari, Raimo wrote “Niente di vero”, published by Einaudi in 2022. It’s an autobiographic novel about her family, some old memories, the relationship between her family members. What makes this book unique is the use of irony, which lights up the funny side of every situation, makes the reader laugh, even if sometimes it’s a bitter laughter.

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