Have you just started studying Spanish from scratch?

If you are going through the basics, how to express time in Spanish is definitely one of the first topics to go through.

In order to do that, this lovely video tutorial is perfect to see how it works in Spanish and how to say the time.

Find out more about how to express time in Spanish!

Today we are going to learn how to ask and say the time in Spanish.

Let’s start and see how can we ask about the time.

We have plenty of ways to do this in Spanish: let’s see the most common ones!

The first one, we say:

¿Qué hora es? (What is the time?)

The second one, we say:

¿Tienes hora? (What is the time?)

You should remember that you always have to say Perdone or Perdona when you are asking something.

Remember that Perdone is when you are addressing Usted: Usted is the formal way to address someone.

And if you say Perdona you are addressing a  person, I mean someone that you can talk closely and is not formal.

We have to keep in mind that in Spanish, when we are telling the time, we are going to say first the hour and then the minutes. 

Let’s see how this works!

It’s one o’clock –> Es la una en punto.

Five past one –> Es la una y cinco.

It’s ten past one –> Es la una y diez.

A quarter past one –> Es la una y quarto.

It’s twenty past one –> Es la una y veinte.

It’s twenty-five past one –> Es la una y veinticinco.

It’s half past one –> Es la una y media.

However, when we reach the half of the clock we have to change the hour: we are not going to continue saying Es la una, we will say now Son las dos.

So we will say Son las dos menos veinticinco when we want to say “It’s twenty-five to two”

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So… ¿Qué hora es? Try to answer!