Are you struggling with the Italian pronunciation?

If you have just started learning Italian, the Italian pronunciation might be difficult.

But, if you learn some little tricks, your pronunciation will improve quickly.

You will see that the Italian pronunciation is not that complex if you follow some basic rules!

In this lovely video tutorial, you will learn how to pronounce correctly the vowels and the letters C, G and S.

Normally these are the most common difficulties for Italian students.

As you go ahead, you will see that the only thing to do is applying the rules explained in the video!

Our suggestion is to repeat the examples given many times to try to pronounce the words correctly.

So, let’s watch it!



We have 5 vowels.

Abbiamo 5 vocali.

A -E -I -O – U

The mouth becomes smaller at every vowel.

La bocca si restringe a ogni vocale.

H in Italian is silent.

La “Acca” non si pronuncia.

For example: Io ho 29 anni.



With -a, -o, -u, -h we pronounce [k]:

Casa – Colosseo – Cucina – Chianti – Michelangelo

The letter C with -e and -i is pronounced [ʧ]:

Cena – Cinema


With -a, -o, -u, -h we pronounce [g]:

Gatto – Gola – Gusto – Ghiaccio

The letter G with -e and -i is pronounced [dʒ]:

Gelato – Giraffa


Between two vowels is [z].

Tra due vocali è pronunciata [z]:

Rosa – Casa

But if the letter is double, we pronounce [s].

Se è doppia, la pronunciamo [s]:

Rosso – Cassa

How is your practice going?

We bet you can pronounce all these words perfectly now!

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