Ordering coffee in Italian is a good challenge!

For Italian beginner students, ordering coffee in Italian is something really nice to learn.

While in Italy for holiday or work, being able to speak Italian in a bar to order a coffee is one of the first ways to practice the language.

In fact, bars are also the perfect place to mix up with the locals and have the chance to have a chat.

And even in London it is possible to do that in one of the Italian bars you can find around the city!

So learning the basics to have a simple conversation is definitely a good idea!

In this lovely video tutorial, you can see an example of conversation.

Let’s learn how to order a coffee in a bar!

Buongiorno! Un caffè per cortesia. –> Good morning! a coffee please.

Come lo desidera? –> How would you like it?

Un macchiato caldo, per favore. –> A hot macchiato, please.

Basta così? –> Is that it?

No, vorrei anche una bottiglietta d’acqua. –> No, I’d like a bottle of water as well.

Liscia o gassata? –> Still or sparkling?

Liscia. –> Still.

Ecco a lei. –> Here you go.

Com’è buono questo caffè. –> This coffee is really good.

Grazie. A proposito, sai che il primo sabato del mese al Fazenda organizziamo un meetup? –> Thanks. Do you know that every first Saturday of the month, at Fazenda, we organize a meetup?

Ah bene, ci sarò, grazie mille, arrivederci. –> Great, I’ll be there, thank you so much, see you.

Quant’è? –> How much is it?

Sono due euro e dieci. –> It’s 2.10 euros.

Ecco a lei. –> Here you go.

Can you follow this easy conversation?

If you learn these phrases, ordering a coffee in Italian will be a piece of cake!

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One more opportunity to practice your Italian!

You can also watch some more video tutorials on our Youtube channel.