Do you enjoy learning some Spanish vocabulary?

During your Spanish language course, it is always good to study some Spanish vocabulary.

Sometimes it might be difficult to figure out how to expand your vocabulary and learn new words.

Where shall you start from?

Well, the best way to focus on vocabulary is trying to learn groups of words related to a specific topic.

In this way you can memorize them very easily.

Watching this lovely video tutorial will help you go through some new words about parts of the body, colours, days and months.

Also, you can learn the correct pronunciation!

It would be good to repeat each word after the video as many times as you like, until you feel perfectly confident.

How does it sound? It’s such a good practice!

Let’s try!


Parts of the body – Partes del cuerpo

El brazo –> The arm

La mano –> The hand

La boca –> The mouth

La cabeza –> The head

El ojo –> The eye

El cuello –> The neck

La nariz –> The nose

El pelo –> The hair

Colours – Colores

Verde –> Green

Blanco –> White

Amarillo –> Yellow

Azul –> Blue

Negro –> Black

Rojo –> Red

Naranja –> Orange

Rosa –> Pink

Marrón –> Brown

Days of the week – Días de la semana

Lunes –> Monday

Martes –> Tuesday

Miércoles –> Wednesday

Jueves –> Thursday

Viernes –> Friday

Sábado –> Saturday

Domingo –> Sunday

Months of the year – Meses del año

Enero –> January

Febrero –> February

Marzo –> March

Abril –> April

Mayo –> May

Junio –> June

Julio –> July

Agosto –> August

Septiembre –> September

Octubre –> October

Noviembre –> November

Diciembre –> December


Can you remember all these new words?

You definitely need some practice, but you should have learnt most of them!

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