How do Spanish Articles work?

Spanish articles might be quite hard to learn and use at first.

We normally study articles at a Beginner Level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

In English it is very easy because we use only the, which is the Definite Article and a/an, which is the Indefinite Article.

In Spanish, articles are also classified in Definidos (Definite) and Indefinidos (Indefinite) but, differently from English, they vary depending on gender and number of the nouns they refer to.

This means that we have to be careful when we use them!

Every time we have to think if the noun is feminine or masculine, singular or plural and agree the article with the noun.

Does it sound complicate?

Don’t worry, it is only a matter of practice!

Let’s watch this nice video tutorial to learn more!



Artículos Definidos –> ElLaLosLas

El chico

La chica

Las chicas

Los chicos

Artículos Indefinidos –> UnUnaUnosUnas

Un amigo

Unos amigos

Una amiga

Unas amigas

Once you start practicing, it gets easier and easier!

Now, try to use the correct articles with all the most common nouns you use.

If you want to read more about Spanish articles and have a look at more examples, here you have a useful grammar tip.

You can also find more Spanish video tutorials to watch on our Youtube channel!