Are you struggling with Italian Articles?

Don’t worry, Italian Articles are a topic you need to digest before feeling confident with it.

If you just studied them, you probably realised that in Italian there are far more articles than in English.

Also, there are languages that don’t have articles at all!

That is why you might need time to understand their use of just memorise all of them.

So take your time: discover the rule first, then try to use articles as much as possible to get more confident.

And now, let’s watch this nice video tutorial about Italian Articles!


In Italian we always use an article before a noun.

In italiano usiamo sempre un articolo prima di un nome.

We have two kind of Articles: Articolo Indeterminativo (Indefinite) and Articolo Determinativo (Definite)

The first one is the Articolo Indeterminativo and we use it when we speak about something not specific.

L’Articolo Indeterminativo è solo singolare e lo usiamo quando parliamo di qualcosa di non specifico.

Un libro

Una penna

The second one is Articolo Determinativo. It is singular and plural and we use it when we speak about something specific.

L’Articolo Determinativo è singolare e plurale e lo usiamo quando parliamo di qualcosa di specifico.

Il libro (singolare) – I libri (plurale)

La penna (singolare) – Le penne (plurale)


And if you want to learn more have a look at this useful grammar tip as well!

Now try to use articles in front of different nouns to give it a go.

You should also try this lovely quiz to test your knowledge!

Easy, isn’t it?