Looking for nice web series in Spanish to watch?

If you want to improve your language watching some good web series in Spanish, Netflix offers quite a lot of nice options!

Watching movies and series in the original language is really beneficial.

If you don’t feel very confident you can choose subtitles in your native language, otherwise you can set them in Spanish: either way it’s a great practice!

Among many series in Spanish, we thoroughly enjoyed Narcos, however we are not including it in the top 5 as we already talked about it here.

The same applies to another serie that we loved, Narcos Mexico: read our article following this link!

Have a look at our top 5 web series in Spanish on Netflix!

web series in spanish

1. El Chapo

An intriguing serie made of 3 seasons about Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexican drug trafficker who started as an exponent of the Guadalajara Cartel.

Former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, he built a huge drug empire and made his cartel the wealthiest in Mexico.

2. Oscuro Deseo

Addicted to suspense? This thriller is perfect for you!

The story starts with the death of the best friend of Alma, law professor married with a renowned judge and mother of Zoe.

The investigation will reveal what’s behind the appearances and the true nature of some relationships.

Due to its great success, the second season will come out in 2021.

3. El Club

A nice Mexican crime drama about a group of rich friends who build up a drug trafficking app.

The friction with powerful drug traffickers gets them into serious troubles.

This exciting story will literally stick you to the screen!

4. El Robo del Siglo.

If you enjoyed La Casa de Papel, you can’t miss this mini-serie!

Translated as “The Heist of the Century”, this is an Argentinian serie based on true events: a group of thieves planned and carried out the most famous bank heist in Argentina.

Really recommended!

5. Brigada Costa del Sol.

In the Spain of late 70s, four policemen create a narcotic squad to fight the drug trafficking on the Costa del Sol.

Despite their very limited resources, they succeed in building up one of the first anti-narcotic squads of the country.

Inspired to a true story, this web serie will definitely win you off!

So you have quite a lot of amazing stuff to watch now!

Which web serie will you choose first?