Can you use names of weekdays, months and seasons in Italian?

At the beginning of your journey in the Italian languages, weekdays, months and seasons are one of the first useful things to learn.

Either if you want just to say the date of an appointment, having a basic conversation or make a booking in Italian, you will need to use this vocabulary.

If you are taking Italian classes in London, watching this nice video tutorial can help you going through the giorni della settimana (weekdays), mesi (months) and stagioni (seasons) and getting more confidence.

How can you use the video tutorial to learn?

You can just listen first and then watch again and start repeating after it, following the script and paying attention to the pronunciation.

If you are not sure about something, go back and try again to practice the correct pronunciation.

Then try to read all the weekdays, months and seasons loud without listening: that will give you an idea of how confident you feel.

Not sure yet?

The good thing of a video tutorial is that you can watch it as much as you want!

Also, after learning all the words you can check the spelling and learn how to write them.

It will be fun!

Let’s learn all the weekdays, months and seasons!



Today we are going to talk about weekdays, months and seasons. 

Let’s start with the days.

Monday –> Lunedì

Tuesday –> Martedì

Wednesday –> Mercoledì

Thursday –> Giovedì

Friday –> Venerdì

Saturday –> Sabato

Sunday –> Domenica

And now the months.

January –> Gennaio

February –> Febbraio

March –> Marzo

April –> Aprile

May –> Maggio

June –> Giugno

July –> Luglio

August –> Agosto

September –> Settembre

October –> Ottobre 

November –> Novembre

December –> Dicembre

And now seasons.

Spring –> Primavera

Summer –> Estate

Autumn –> Autunno

Winter –> Inverno


Did you enjoy the video tutorial? You can find many more on our Youtube Channel!