Ser pan comido is a nice Spanish expression which literally it means “to be bread eaten“.

Bread is in many Spanish expressions as it has always been an important food in the Spanish daily life, that is why the Spanish refer to it very often.

Well, if translated just like this it doesn’t mean much, but actually it means that something is very easy to do.

So it corresponds to the English “to be a piece of cake“.

Let’s have a look at some examples to understand how to use it:


Spanish English
El trabajo es pan comido The job is a piece of cake
Para mí las matemáticas son pan comido For me maths is a piece of cake
Mark dijo que el examen era difícil pero yo pienso que era pan comido Mark said that the exam was difficult but I think it was a piece of cake


Is it a familiar expression for you? Have you got the same in your language?

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