Our School Director and some members of our team have been interviewed by some blogs! Take a look at them:
lezionitaliane.com is a website that collects tips, lessons, information and curiosities about the Italian language and culture. It is a great resource for those who want to learn Italian! Its collaborators are professional Italian teachers, who are also available for online tutoring and classes.
They interviewed Paolo, teacher and School Director of Happy Languages, and they talked about his education, the creation of the school, the online teaching (advantages and disadvantages), the differences between the students (does the mother tongue influences the learning of a foreigner language?), and his preferences among different Italian text books.

grammateca.it is a group of young women who share the passion for publishing, translation, illustration and foreign language didactic. They offer various services, from publishing to linguistics and graphics, for different kind of users (from single users to publishing houses).
In their interview with Paolo, they talked about his professional formation, his idea and creation of the school, the structure of his lessons, the meet-ups and events organized by Happy Languages. They also talked about the “itinerant” workshops organized by Paolo around Italy, to which the reporter participated once, and the role of the out-class meetings in the learning processes.

wanderwoman.it is a blog created by a young Italian girl who decided to share her passion for travelling and adventures, and where she collects information, travel ideas, and curiosities about many places and hidden corners of the world, foods and tips about working abroad.
When she interviewed Paolo, she asked to share information about himself and the story of Happy Languages, the beginning of his adventure as a teacher and the creation of the school. She asked then his opinion about the pros and cons of living in London and opening a business in the UK, and his advice to those who want to teach Italian abroad.

Hoping you enjoyed this post, visit the websites we’ve just talked about! You could find something very useful for your Italian, as well as many ideas and curiosities!