If you are looking for Italian vegan food in London, you will be surprised by the amazing options you will find!

Even though it might sound weird to you, Italian vegan food in London has become very popular.

When you think of the Italian cuisine you probably imagine a lot of fish, meat and animal products.

In fact, quite a lot of traditional dishes are based on these products.

However, there are a lot of vegetarian Italian dishes and it is possible to substitute dairy and animal product such as eggs to make them completely vegan.

Considering how many people ask for vegan alternatives, many restaurants have introduced vegan options.

Some of them have faced the challenge of becoming totally vegan, meeting many customer’s requests.

So nowadays being vegan doesn’t mean eating bad: it is more and more common to find vegan dishes on every menu.

And if you want to eat Italian vegan food in London, you have great restaurants to try!

For example, Leggero is a lovely restaurant in Soho where you can find delicious vegan dishes and cakes!

You can have a great experience at FED by Water, which offers a plant-based Mediterranean cuisine following a cruelty-free policy.

Another lovely restaurant is Just FAB, inspired by the Sicilian street-food and totally vegan.

Do you have a very sweet tooth?

If you fancy a good vegan ice cream Unico Deli is the place to be: with its long family history in the ice cream business, it offers vegan versions of ice cream, cakes and focaccia bread.

Also, try Vegan Sweet Tooth, with its great variety of sweets and cakes.

As you can see, there are plenty of Italian vegan options!

You just have to try all these amazing restaurants and bars and decide which one is your favourite!

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